Those Days Are Past and Gone

My baby went to Kindergarten today.
I feel a little lost.
I am happy for Bella to go to school.
I just wish I had some more kids.
I am not ready for this season to be over yet.
I took this photo in South Dakota last week.
And I wrote this poem showcasing my mood today.

Those days are past and gone.
The ones when they were young.

Off, away, they go.
Leaving me feeling so.

The sun sets on my heart.
Do we have to be apart?

This is their new dawn.
Those days are past and gone.



  1. Your gonna make me cry. I hope it went smoothly this morning. My kids were actually great this morning, but boy thats a long drive. Enjoy your peaceful day.

  2. What a major milestone! I really hope that you are able to have more children some day! Despite what I say, I know that I will cry when Dallin starts preschool in a couple weeks.

  3. You DID make me cry. Oh Alice — I'm so sad for you. I will be a mess when Nicholas heads off to kindergarten. He starts pre-school in a couple of weeks and I'm already dreading that.I'm sending you big hugs — I hope Bella and the other girls have a wonderful day today! Ryan & Rachel were so excited and nervous today. I still can't believe we're right back into our school routine already.

  4. (((hugs)))I hope they all have a great day. You can borrow Chauna from time to time if you need too. 🙂

  5. What a sweet poem. I can’t believe how fast time flys. I have to say I can’t wait for school to start next week to get Tayson out of the house…since there are still 3 more at home it’s not sad at all 🙂P.S. My bishop’s wife saw your blog from mine and she said she knows you from a ward in Provo Jared and Tasha Peterson. She said you used to be her RS pres. 🙂

  6. That was beautiful Alice. I am at the other end of this journey. My oldest is going to start her second year of pre-school tomorrow and I am just starting out. I hope that Bella loves kindergarten and that the transition is easier rather than harder.

  7. oh, I feel for you. I never really got over my kids going to school. I still feel a twinge of sadness everyday when they get on the school bus.

  8. I remember sending each of my kids off to kindergarden for the first time… and when Stewart went I was so sad. The moments go by so very fast and then before you know it… missions, weddings, grandbabies… You will be alright just know that there are so many who feel what you are feeling.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  9. You never fail to amaze me, you my hero!! By the way, I always have a hard time with kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and we’ll see about 5th next week!!!

  10. I have been holding the tears back. So I can shed them alone on the 25th. That is the day my baby enters kindergarten. Your poem is very touching.

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