How to have fun at Chuck E Cheese

Here is a way old post that I had forgotten.
Back in May, we celebrated Abigail’s ninth birthday in Atlanta.
We all had a great time.

I have a deep rooted love for Chuck E Cheese because of a memorable childhood experience involving my heroic mom and dad.
I am passing on this love of pizza, games, and rides to my children the best that I can.

I know a lot of you don’t care for the photos, but deal with it.

And, I love titling my posts with “how to”.
You have no idea how many people search “how to” on google.

With no further rambling.

Here it is: How to have fun at Chuck E Cheese.

Dance with Chuck E. on stage.
Especially if you both are wearing blue shirts and happen to have the same first initial.
Dance for the T.V. cameras.
If you do it with your cousins, it’s so much more fun.

Smile while riding.
Or don’t smile.
But make sure you concentrate so that you don’t miss any simulated roller coaster turns.

Command that someone watches you play.

Beg your dad to ride with you.

Beg the person with the most money for MORE tokens.Compete fiercely. Especially if the game requires your skills from back in the day.

If you don’t get enough tokens the first time, throw your ball at the flashing light.

Turn in your tickets for prize points.

Divide the points by the number of children, so everyone gets the same amount of points.

Pick out the best cheesiest (that’s why the call it Chuck E Cheese) prize you can find because it takes 25 points to earn a piece of gum.

Be enthusiastic while the euphoria last.

Those prizes will all be used, broken, or secretly trashed by mom within the next 24 hours.



  1. Isn’t it funny – the sad little prizes I mean at Chuck E. Cheese. I should probably take my two before school starts back up. Thanks for the suggestion. Kinda sorta. Just remind me to take a book.

  2. aaahhhhhh–chuck e cheese was the holy grail for us as my mother couldn’t STAND the windowless, stuffy pizza hell hole and we would beg and beg but she held firm–we only went one time.but i think i managed to still turn out….looks like your kids are just like mine–they think it’s the

  3. Capri loves Chuck E Cheese. One of these days… I will get to take her there. Thanks for the run-down so that I will know what to expect.Who doesn’t love pictures???ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  4. Who doesn’t like the photos?? How silly is that?? (I just realized after I typed this that several others are asking the same question…)Anyway — this post could have easily been my family…especially the part about splitting the points evenly and then hoping the crappy toys that bring such great excitement will at least make it through the ride home! πŸ™‚

  5. I agree with sheila–who doesn’t love pictures???I haven’t been to Chuck E Cheese for years–my kids used to really love it. (You’re so right about the prizes)

  6. Last time I went there in Orem we found a broken machine, by accident, that spit out tickets continuously. They let us keep the 500+ tickets and we bought a miniature basketball (baball as Dallin would say).I read about your experience there as a kid. Your parents sound really amazing!

  7. Chuck E. Cheese is the only parental threat I’ve ever made goon on. See, I usually get wishy-washy and give in when I punish my kids but not this time. After a horrible couple hours at Chuck E. Cheese I told that them I would NEVER bring them back. And I never have….I’ll show them these pictures. They can live vicariously through your kids. πŸ™‚

  8. When my son was 10 years old, I let him have a BDay party anywhere he wanted to go. Guess what he chose. I was clueless not knowing anything about it in advance. On a clear silent evening, I can still hear the noise in the back of my ears that is still stuck in there. But the kids? The LOVED it. What? What’s that you say?

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