How to know the hurricane hit…

……without watching the news.



  1. I saw those same trucks on the interstate here and knew where they were going. It’s a familiar sight after a hurricane. It makes me feel happy that there are resources that can be used to help devastated places get back on their feet. I don’t understand the prices in gas, however. At least it got me to thinking about what I need in my home in case we couldn’t get out and go to the grocery store. Needless to day, I visited a couple of stores this week. Now I just need to keep it stocked in case this happens again.

  2. I wish the economy wasn’t so bad… I wish gas prices didn’t resemble ‘highway robbery’ literally. I have heard stories of the great depression… my grandmother lived through it… but I never aspired to have to relive her life experiences.ToOdLeS.ShEiLAps. my heart goes out to those that have lost so much. either to the hurricane or to home foreclosures. it’s looking bleak.

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