Love Pairs

Look mom, we put all of the Little Pet Shops in Love Pairs.

Oh yeah, what does it mean if you are in a love pair?

It means you are the same kind and you love each other.

What do you do if you love each other?
I don’t know. Mom, why do always have to talk about sex?
They are just pet shops.
They just stand by each other and love each other.
And we put the spider and the pig together because we only have one spider and one pig.
They just love each other like friends.
They can be Charlotte and Wilber.
So, we aren’t going to have any half pig/half spiders running around.
What would we call that creation?
Piggers or spigs?

Mom, you think you are so funny.

You’re not.

I know I’m not funny. To you. Ha ha.

Dad thinks I’m funny.

That’s only because he’s your love pair.

(And I totally just took literary liberty here with this last sentence)

So, what kind of love pair is this?

Oh the butterfly and caterpillar aren’t a love pair.

The caterpillar is too little.

And, they aren’t married yet, right?


And, I would like to bare my testimony,
You can teach morals to your children at any given time.
The End.


  1. You are funny, you are whitty, you are hilarious, you are smart, energetic, and I am not your love pair, I guess you would have to call that blogay kids, So lets just not go there šŸ™‚I love that you teach your children sex, how old were you when you started teaching them that, my daughter is 10, when our son was born, she till that day thought the difference between boys and girls was there hair… pathetic I know!!!!

  2. I love littlest pet shops!! My daughter has an enormous collection…she’s 11 and does not know about sex yet…at least I don’t think she does.

  3. “Love pairs” — I like that term! So cute! Love the pictures with your story Alice — you and your girls are so fun! (charlotte & wilbur … love that!) Rachel enjoyed this post too (she is an LPS-aholic!!!)

  4. isn’t it funny how their little brains work?? hey, i take any, ANY opportunity to teach something as it rarely happens at our house.good for alice!

  5. I love these little pets… they don’t poop on the carpet or make any noise… they have adorable eyes and I am 45+ and I think I should get some… my husband would roll his eyes big time at that comment. So I won’t tell him.The spider/pig combo was in honor of Charlotte’s Web I thought.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  6. How funny! If we don’t talk about sex who will. I know my parents never said a thing. I learned everything at school, friends and one very blunt science teacher. Hate admit it but books help also. I gave my oldest the sex talk, then hubby wrapped it up with a few things. We are pretty open with our children. Alice you know this is Jenny (Ewing) From Carlsbad 3rd ward. Glad I happened on to your blog.

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