Fancy Nancy

A while back, the girls had a walkathon at school.

Because their grammy was generous,

they each got to buy a book for their school library.

They put Grammy’s name inside of the books.

They brought the books home for us to see.

Here is the book that Sophia picked out.

We instantly fell in love with it, and I’ve been meaning to blog about it.

I hadn’t gotten around to it,

so you can imagine my delight with Mia’s last post.

Now all I have to do is link.

Abigail has been trying to recreate her own version of Fancy Nancy.

Isn’t she so fancy?



  1. I didn’t realize that Fancy Nancy was ‘all the rage’ and what the younger generation is talking about. I guess I will need Fancy Nancy books for my Gramma library too. toodles, Sheilaps. Alice you’re killing me girl, you can blog faster than I can comment… and they are all delightful! You are putting me to shame.

  2. Sierra LOVES the “Fancy Nancy” books! We started reading them last year and she can’t get enough of them. You need to get the sticker book that allows them to make Nancy’s world fancy and you can remove them and do it again!

  3. My daughter brought this one home from school last month and we loved it! It’s definitely one I would buy, when I have the money…lol! What a cute little girl!

  4. We LOVE these books. they are so funny. we quote it all the time. “Learn to be fancy with lessons from nancy! Easy, fun, free!” “that’s a fancy word for…”Abigail looks great! Does she like fuschia mousse, too?

  5. Fancy Nancy and Abigail are stupendous- that’s a fancy word for great!!I recently found out there’s a whole bunch of books starring Nancy so I’ll have to check those out since we LOVE the original.

  6. Ohhhh – Fancy Nancy is a class favorite! We love love love all of her books! And my little girl always wears Fancy Nancy socks, because lace trimmed socks really do help you play soccer better!

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