Years ago, LG got to the third round of interviews with the FBI.

I was secretly happy when he didn’t get the job.
(You can’t blame a woman for wanting her man to be safe.)
LG wanted the job mainly for the title. How James Bond it is.
And, there is nothing cooler than packing a gun for a living, right?

I guess we have another adventurous one in the family.

She wants the title.

And, take notice, I’ve taught her to not let anyone push her around.

At the bottom of her handmade work badge,

it says it all with her self-proclaimed title:




  1. That “boss” at the bottom is the best part. What inspired this fun little badge? Do they know about LG’s past aspirations?

  2. Yes, I love that added touch! Hey my dh was going to go into the FBI too, his dad served 14 years with them until he died of cancer at 50.

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