Define it. Any way you want,
but no matter how hard I have tried,
elegant and junk just don’t go together.

Just like LG and my camera at times.

And, yes, my yard is more elegant than my house.
And I am proud of it.

There is nothing like looking outdoors for some of God’s beauty.
You know I didn’t find it IN the house during this photo shoot.

And, if you can’t make your yard as elegant as you would like.

Buy your first piece of art, ever.

It will give you your dream scenery, and your hubby will love it,

especially if it was $20 at Big Lots.



  1. You have done it again. I’m commenting… your posting. However, we are both blogging so we are happy right? Do you ever have time to check your e.mail?Can I ask you? What drugs are you taking for energy? and… Can I have some? toodles, Sheila

  2. Oh how I can relate. Too funny.Thanks for dropping in and leaving me a note/comment on my shoes entry. TN? My niece is in Collierville. (sp?)

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