The more you *art

As I have told you before, we weren’t allowed to say the far* word while growing up. That is why I called my writing contest a stinkin’ contest, and not a *art contest. (That is just for you mom, now don’t read ahead because I am about to offend you)

I have managed to get out from under the control (and manners) of my parents, so I can now say fart. And, I can say that I was so happy to read all of your fart stories. Passing gas is indeed a funny thing, even if only a few of you entered my contest.

Many of you, misunderstood the contest rules (I will forgive you this first time, since a lot of you are new bloggers, but next time I will only consider those who actually post the story on their own blog AND leave me a comment with the link) I feel like I am forgetting an entry, but because everyone didn’t leave me a comment on my post, I may have inadvertently missed your link here. – Sorry, if that is you – please let me know and I will update)

A HUGE THANKS to all of you participants: (I so enjoyed reading your funny stories)

Renee with her Oliver/Nanny story. (just in a comment)

Chrys with her first fart while dating story. (also in a comment)

I really enjoyed everyone’s stories, but I chose the winner by who made me laugh out loud the hardest and longest.

And the winner is SHEILA.

Why? Because her story so could be something that would happen to me. If you wonder what I am talking about, you will have to read her story. (And, not to discourage future participants, but I have to admit that I can be biased towards the blogger who is the most faithful commenter)

The runner up is Jarrett. His story made me laugh the 2nd hardest. But, even if I did laugh the hardest on his story, I must admit I just can’t pick Jarrett the winner. I have a HUGE conscience that makes me feel really bad for that poor kid on the bus that he let take the wrath for his own flatulent fuel…poor guy, he is probably still in therapy to this day! Nonetheless, it’s a funny story.

So, congratulations Sheila. I guess I will be mailing a whoopy cushion to your friend who inspired your story. And, I am sure it will be one of the most proud moments of her life! You know, besides the time that she pooped her pants at the store while trying to out fart her hubby.
Sheila – e-mail me at with her name and address and I promise to get her prize out within the next week.



  1. I can’t believe it… WOW!!! I would first like to thank my husband, and my children, and the academy… wait what am I doing???I just want to let you know, you made my day with being the winner of A Stinkin’ Contest…Thank YOU and a BIG thank you goes to Celeste for sharing her story, She is the real winner!toodles, Sheila

  2. we couldn’t say *art when i was growing up, either, which i thought was soooo stupid until i got to be a mom and started doing the same thing. my friends give me such crap beause my kids could practically throw down a cuss word and get away with it easier than *art. sad, but true.

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