Winner for a Gaze Into Heaven

Saturday morning
I picked a winner
who was my
#10 commenter.
I find it interesting
that Norina is my winner.
She had a really hard
miscarriage years ago
and when she tried
to explain to me her
I didn’t get it.
At all.
Even though
I myself
had experienced
2 miscarriages
of my own
at that time
I just didn’t get
the longing that she felt
or the sadness
at what didn’t happen.
I get it now.
And even though
I still don’t believe
I will personally
be united
with any of my
four miscarriages
(even if this last
one was at 18 weeks)
I understand
others desire for that
and I will welcome
more children 
in the next life
if that is indeed
how it works.
I loved the part
in the book
that talks about
babies all
going straight to paradise
and being cared for by family.
There are no children
in hell.
And that is how it should be.
And that realization
has made my desire for
that much stronger.
I can’t imagine
a world
where there
are no children.
I can only imagine that
those reunions
are some of the
Congrats Norina.
I am so happy
to give you this book.
I think that,
like me,
you will love it.

One comment

  1. Hi Alice! I'm recovering from surgery and I thought it would be fun to look up all my bloggy friends, whom I have sadly neglected, along with my own blog. I've enjoyed reading your posts for the last few months and especially the recommendation for this book. I definitely plan to read it because my mom passed away nearly six months ago and it still causes me pain and tears. (thanks for the special thoughts about your nephew too.) I can't believe it's been so long since we first connected when my son was serving his mission in Nashville-He's been home nearly four years and going to be a daddy this summer! Anyways—hello and it was good to catch up!

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