So long my friend.

My brother Adam just called, which was followed by a call from my Dad, and then our friend’s, The Clarke’s. I read it here to confirm that President Gordon B. Hinckley has passed into the loving arms of His Maker. I am sure that many others on the other side are ushering him in and that his wife, Marjorie Hinckley is close by.

But, where does that leave us? Yes, we know the church will continue to be headed by a Prophet of God. And one that we know and love: Thomas S. Monson. But, how will we ever fill the hole left in our hearts? This man was more than a prophet. I have never met him, yet he was my friend. He was my personal cheerleader. He made me happy whenever I heard his voice. And, I will miss him so much.

I guess you know you are getting older when you really have grown so close to a prophet that all you can do is cry that he is gone.

Thank you President Hinckley for changing the world as we know it and for changing me! I couldn’t be more happy for you to finally be in a place that matches your greatness.



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