Just Freeze

Mindi at wordtoyourmother turned me on to a website called improve everywhere. (um, yeah, I just came back because I didn’t spell check and noticed my mistake of calling this improve everywhere instead of IMPROV everywhere, but I like, and so I am going to keep it this way.) Their whole purpose is to showcase “staged” scene making….it’s all the rave. Go figure. The food court musical was the first I heard of this modern form of entertainment.

Mindi recently posted about the best game ever.

Here is a video from their webpage that I really liked, it helped me think about how we move way too fast in this world.

Now, if I stepped into this staged “freeze” it may freak me out a little, like I stepped into a Twilight Zone version of elementary school freeze tag. But because I realized what was going on while watching the video , I liked it. I liked it a lot. I wonder what would happen if we staged a “freeze” on an American interstate? Yeah, no brainer…..don’t want to do that, unless you really have a desire to kill your already dead car!!



  1. i think the spell check wants it to be improve, because i had to change it each time i edited it. in fact, my label STILL says ‘improve everywhere’–glad you liked it. good stuff.

  2. This is the way it is! Real Life! Have you ever noticed when you are shopping…grocery store or mall…how people will about knock you over to get where they are going and they don’t use manners either… no excuse me at all! I agree that it is a shame that we don’t move a little slower through life… what are we missing with the hustle and bustle? Lots! and what is the hurry? rEaLLy? toodles, Sheila

  3. I watched a freeze video of a group who did this in the (i think) Rockefeller Center in NY. It was amazing and it really startled people. It was really cool though!

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