Busy Bees

I have so many things to post about, but I have been a busy bee.
This morning I read 20 pages of my Book of Mormon and I caught up in my journal. (I use my blog for most of my record keeping. I just keep a separate small journal for spiritual matters)
I am now 5 loads into my 12 loads of clothes to fold.
And, if you can find the bees in these pictures, I am sure you will be a better photographer than me. I’m such an amateur.
Watch out though, the next time you are in the shower, you may find yourself peeking out the window and you may be so excited by what you see that you’ll be calling to your husband to bring you the camera. There’s nothing like interrupting a great warm shower to capture nature in movement.


  1. Congratulations on being busy. Right now I need to head over to Mesquite to relieve Stewart. He has to go to work and Jennifer is having extensive gestational diabetes testing this am…I’ll let you know what happens on my blog later. Thanks for these beautiful photo’s. toodles, Sheila

  2. Did you really take these photos while you were in the shower? Or did you strut on out wearing a towel? They are lovely either way!

  3. I love your pics! Ive always wanted to get into photography. Thanks for the comments on my posts. The title for the one about Amber isn’t a play on words. Geminate is an actual word, it means double or to come in pairs. So I don’t know if Logan told you but I’m coming out on the 14th for your get together in Atlanta. I’ll stay until the 20th. I’m really excited to meet you all!

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