See, I do pay attention

Let’s just say I get a little excited when watching my girls play soccer.
Let’s just say I get a LITTLE excited and leave it at that.
LG accused me today of only watching Abigail’s team and ignoring Sophia and Bella’s.
He seems to think that the competition with the little ones
just isn’t fierce enough for me.
LG accused me wrongly!
I have pictures to prove it.

Here’s one goal:

Here’s two:

Here’s three:

And, if I showed any more, that would just be bragging!
P.S. “LG, you should be glad that I don’t get overly excited for both age groups.
I am already trying to round up some valium for Abigail’s future games.”


  1. oK. First: what do you like people to call you? Alice or Ali? Cause I kep calling you [I’m so Funny] to my family and I really need to use your name. Second: I guess you showed LG & your girls that you do watch. Some very cool photo’s too, I must add. Third: Oh, I remember the days when my kids played soccer… and Tony lost his mind to coaching a sport that isn’t his. He knew nothing about soccer. I really do need to post a story about my youngest boy and soccer. It’s funny! toodles, Sheila

  2. Sheila, Most everyone calls me Alice. My family will call me Ali (especially LG’s fam) but I really just go by Alice. You can call me either. (My nickname is Crazy Ali, and so if you feel like that is more exciting you can call me that – especially when refering to me with your fam) You know what they say, you can call me anything you want, but please don’t call me late for dinner.:)Tell Tony that my heart goes out to him…LG and I know nothing about soccer! It has been a fun challenge for us.

  3. Alice you put my sports pix to shame! I love your pix. YOu are doing a great job! WAIT! STOP the presses. WE ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!I mean, I am you and You are me, so of course, you would be great at photography too. What else do you do that I may do? LOLIt is funny we were at my daughter’s soccer game today. Out of all the sports have you ever noticed that all of the highly competitive irritating mom’s are soccer moms? There is this one mom on our team. Her husband does not even sit with her and when her mouth gets her in trouble. he won’t back her up either! wimp. LOL, just kidding. Anyway, my dh is sometimes just darn right embarrassing. I hate sitting next to him at our daughter’s soccer game. It is the only time I despise sitting with him. I almost left and am thinking about joining the game with nazi mom’s husband on the other side. I mean, I’m competitive but dh can be embarrassing. I wanted to blog something like this on my blog, but…. so, I vented on your blog. ::breathe:: ok. NOW, BACK TO YOU! Congrats to your daughter for making all those goals! she is awesome!!

  4. Alice, you still have your make my day award to pick up. It was awhile ago. Back on april first or april 3rd! I know you want it! I know you just wouldn’t leave it on your door step. I just know it! LOL

  5. Well LG, I guess Alice showed you! Great pics.And I am SO EXCITED that you will be out here in July. We’ve got a basement full of beds if you’re interested. But regardless we have to at least get together and play!

  6. Great pics but could you not have at least included one with my soccer star? I’m hurt! 🙂 Also I am going to have to come and watch you watch Abigail if LG doesn’t think you get excited for the Chipmunks. You must be over the top! 🙂

  7. I have the best mental image of you right now! I love the moms that get soooo into the game. I’m like that sometimes, but you’re right, it’s got to be a good competitive game, where the kids are out for blood;) Just kidding, kind of.

  8. Ali your pics are amazing! I can’t wait to meet you and your girls…only 9 more days haha. and thanks for the comment on my little story. logan said i need to revise it, pretty much he thinks i sound stuck up because i said i always had things to do on the weekend. but lets be honest…if it made you laugh then thats all that really matters!

  9. Those pictures were so good and very exciting! I love kids sports and I’m really excited that my oldest will be old enough to join in the fall. Woo Hoo!

  10. I always loved going to my kids games. Great pictures–wow, that’s what you call REALLY paying attention and capturing it all. Good for you.

  11. Awesome, three goals! What great pics you captured! “I am already trying to round up some valium for Abigail’s future games.” Hee hee, clever!

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