1. This guy’s gonna explode. Cell phone ringing in church… so awful. Once a phone went off during the sacrament, and you could feel the simultaneous dirty looks. JUST LEAVE IT IN THE CAR, or better yet, if you happen to be in a profession that requires 24 hour access, there’s something called vibrate mode. Even the most technology challenged (me) can handle that.

  2. I usually silence my phone before walking into church… there was one time I didn’t and it went off…the look I got from my daughter Yvette was DEADLY, so it has never happened again. Last week in church I heard 2 phones go off(not ringing, but singing) you know what I am saying. The only time I have never minded a RING or BUZZ is when it comes from the local EMT’s… if they are on call. whaddyado? let someone die on the roadside? NOT! toodles, Sheila

  3. Heehee, that reminds me… A few months ago a cell phone goes off in Sacrament Meeting. The dear sister answers it right from her pew. The speaks right out loud in a normal volume voice. I guess the bishop speaking from the pulpit was too loud because she had to plug her free ear up with her hand as she continued her conversation. 🙂

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