Belated Memorial Post

This is how old people memorialize their loved ones.

This is how young people memorialize their loved ones.

I must be old.



  1. Wonderful Observation that makes you stop & ponder. I have seen actual memorial stickers & window clings & die cut letters in windows of cars. I have also seen billboards at roadsides and there are always the crosses & flowers at the side of the road where the car accident & loss of life took place. I do not think you are old.toodles, Sheila

  2. oh, my–i just laughed out loud because i TOTALLY saw something like that in the grocery store parking lot the other day and about dropped my produce!!good to know there is stuff like that the world over…

  3. I know I’m old. I need to take all my children to the “old house” cemetery when they have “Decoration Day.” I haven’t been for years but I have memories of going as a kid with my Mom. I actually love the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. It is on the side of a hill up above a little white church that overlooks the area. It is really quite beautiful and peaceful.

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