Thou Shalt Not Murmur

When no matter what, I can’t force myself to write, I shall post church signs.
(And when you people out West have bad blogging days,
I would really like to see what you come up with for interesting church signs)

So, my life is out of control.
Living the gospel consumed every waking moment and
even many of the sleeping ones last week.
After the weekend, I thought I would be rested….
And, I admit that I was mad that my husband and I didn’t get (nor still haven’t gotten) 2 minutes to ourselves to celebrate the good bar news.
(I mean you think after 10 years of married college life and still succeeding at having three children , we would have figured out how to steal away 2 darn minutes?)
So, what did I do in response to our craziness?
I had a weak moment and murmured to a friend this morning.
So, what did God do in response to my murmuring?
He took away those protective “your car is 10 years old angels” and he let my minivan die!
Man, I should have read these church signs more carefully last week
and been happy with our lives of service and not angry and resentful.
So, yes, I am going to learn from my mistake.
Instead of saying, “Holy CRAP what am I going to do this week without my car?”
I am going to choose to say, “Wow, God is so good to me. I am so grateful to have one car that both my husband and I can share this week. What would I do without that one car to carpool my kiddies, my hubby, and myself to ALL the places I need to go in preparation for the Ward Picnic I am in charge of on Friday?…Oh, I am so blessed to have that one little car.”


  1. I need to make the top one my new MOTTO. I am so sorry to hear about your van, one car is never fun, esp. when there is a lot going on. We would never have learned how to murmur if it weren’t for Laman & Lemuel… they started it all. Hang in there! toodles, Sheila

  2. murmuring is second nature to me. so you are guilty for a second–i have a feeling that god is still gonna hook you up because you are trying to do the right thing.just a little love put out there for ya–scary, scary stalker-type of love.

  3. I can say nothing about murmuring since I’m the queen of murmuring (hate to admit it). Sorry to hear about your van, but I know you know it will all be o.k. Somehow find those 2 minutes and go celebrate ; ) (You both deserve it)

  4. Alice…let me watch your kids tonight and go out with LeGrand! No kidding…a bar celebration is in order. You can talk about bars and blogs.

  5. Oh no! No van is no good. There must be a blog contest out there that has a new van as the prize. Surely. Somewhere. Find it. Win it. You have the power.

  6. Oh no — I’m so sorry about your van! You should paint it an obnoxious yellow/green color and park it in your yard….see what the neighbors think…(I couldn’t resist! Is that van still parked across the street?)Truly — I am sorry. I can’t imagine if we had to work around ONE car! It would be quite difficult!

  7. Oh the one car days, that is so tough! I will totally help you out if you need me. I can pick kids up or do whatever, because I am never having this baby so I am not really busy! And I am close by Adrian Burnett and I would love to see my crush again, and maybe he will wink at me two times in a row!

  8. One car stinks! When Pierce was driving the old BMW we had lots of one car days. Atleast the van waited until the “bar” stuff was over.If you need help with the picnic let me know. I’m going shopping without D & B tomorrow-Yippy-so I could get some stuff for you.

  9. How did I miss this post? Hopefully you have made it ok this week with the one car. I hope the car situation gets worked out.

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