Knoxville Symphony

Abigail’s class went to the Knoxville Symphony today. It was so fun! My favorite piece of music was definitely Bernstein’s West Side Story. Why is it that I wait for my children’s opportunities to force me to bring culture into my life? I had a blast today. Now, if I can just get to the Symphony without 800 school children there at the same time. hint hint

On a side note, I have discovered a great new aspect of the blog. (thanks lori – she gave me the idea with her etsy find) Blogging is a great way to leave subtle hints for stuff that I want from my husband. Someday I am going to post a picture of a 2 karat diamond!

Anyhow, Abigail really seemd to enjoy herself today. Because she has been at the “No Child Left Behind” school, she has never been on a field trip before. She is in 3rd grade…about time, don’t you think? She was totally intrigued by this thing called “the bus” and loved the symphony. She asked all kinds of questions; the only one of which I had an answer for was, “Mom, what is the name for the guys with the big drums?” I actually could sound smart when I said, “Percussionists”. Can’t spell the word, but lucky for me, she won’t know the difference.

The experience wore her out, as you can see from the yawn. It wore me out too, but no one had a camera to take a picture of me yawning throughout the experience. I now know why I refused to let my kids be carted to and from school on a school bus. It was crazy and the nauseousness was nostalgic as I thought back to my school days.



  1. What great, fun photos! Ryan is off to the Symphony tomorrow — he can’t wait! Wish I could go! 😦 Glad you all had a good time.And by the way — I added a link to your blog on mine — hope that’s okay!

  2. Alice,These pictures are really cute! I want to know how you did that to look like a piece quilt. I also loved the cloud pictures, that is neat you were able to get the on camera, and they really do look like those things!

  3. I second what Lindsey asked…how did you do your pics like that? Also, FYI the KYSO does two free concerts every year. Liam and I have a great time. They are usually on Monday so a great FHE. By-the-way, know a good Violin teacher?

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