Walk and Walk and Walk

What do you need to feed your pets (or your kids for that matter) to ensure that they will always come home?

When I was in Kindergarten I walked home the 2 miles from school. I thought I could go and see my friend’s house and be back to catch the bus in time. So, when I got back to the school and discovered EVERYONE to be gone, I did what any reasonable 5 year old would do….I walked home. (I may have even been 4 at the time)

And there are advanatages to being part of a large family…it seemed that even though I arrived 3 hours late, no one even noticed. Talk about empowering…I learned at an early age that I could arrive wherever my feet would take me.



  1. 2 very wonderful stories, yours & the dogs, both with happy endings…you both made it home. What did your mother feed you that made you walk all that way? When my son Ted was in middle school, he missed the bus. (we lived 20 miles from the school) He never called, and at 7:30pm I found him still sitting in front of the middle school. I must be a bad Mother and a terrible cook! toodles, Sheila

  2. I love it. I got forgotten at school so many times after band practice and had to walk home (lucky for me it was only a mile but I was carrying my clarinet case which was very heavy for a kid). No-one ever worried about me unless I wasn’t home by dinner which was always at exactly 5:00 pm. And then no-one worried but I would get grounded for being late!!!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you walked home at such an early age. I am pretty sure at that age I would have just been scared, or at least gotten lost!

  4. Great stories. I think your mom obviously did a great job of instilling independence in you. I’d say it has helped to make you who you are today ; )

  5. While that story stresses me out, I totally admire your scrappiness! I still watch my middle schooler get on the bus…. from the window of course, I don’t want the other kids to know his mom’s a freak.

  6. I took a similar detour once…my parents did not appreciate it. My father was totally distraunt. My mother was mad I put her thru such torture. 🙂

  7. I posted this on Cally’s announcment and I should have posted it here:CONGRATULATIONS ALICE!!! WAY TO GO!everyone know I tried… but I couldn’t do it…so glad you did!toodles,Sheila

  8. Hey Alice. So. This is Cally’s friend, Andrea. I just had to post here, because I wanted to know more about the competition I was up against for Movie Trivia, and–as my friend’s friend says “If you’re going to blog stalk, you should at least say hi.” So hi there.And I noticed that you are from Carlsbad, where I lived for 5 years and met my husband–Chris Hecklinger, from Oceanside. Know him?

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