My Christmas Ornaments

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I have 3 sisters. For the past 7 years we have all been exchanging Christmas ornaments every year. It has been a great way to combine traditions, family and the wifely duty of decorating. It has also been a great way for my sisters to help me with my total hatred for Christmas tree decorating.

This entry will not be funny because I am tired and must retire shortly. I just wanted to post up these pictures and show the variety of ornaments that are on my tree. Forget these people that make them all match. That is serisouly not fun. I will add a little info about each ornament later….too tired. For now, just think of this as my way of making my Christmas decorating pain worth the trouble. You now have all kinds of ideas for different kinds of ornaments you can make.


  1. My tree is seriously mismatched as well — but it is a good representation of our life right now — lots of animated characters on my tree! Someday maybe I’ll have a really pretty, elegant tree! 🙂

  2. I love homemade ornaments! They are the best & the tree has more meaning when you look at it….. Love you Alice & your talent & your sisters 🙂

  3. That’s fun to do a swap with your sisters. My parents always gave each kid a new ornament every year when I was growing up, so I had lots to bring into the marriage. And now they give a new one to each of the grandkids every year. Scott got a boxful from his childhood as well. Our tree is very full, especially seeing as how the bottom 1/3 of it is totally empty this year (Lydia). I like looking at the pictures of all your ornaments. Good idea.

  4. If I comment, will you post something new?! LOL. You’ve said that to me before. Ours is the same way. We have some balls that we bought because we didn’t have many ornaments when we got married. However, my grandma gives us each an ornament every year (no one person gets the same ornament). She writes our name and the date on the back of them. She’s done this ever since I was born. I LOVE IT!! I love to look and see how old each ornament is as we put them on the tree. I definitely love the assortment rather than everything matching on the tree. Alright now UPDATE US!!!!!

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