Little People

And look and what I won from the greatest crafty blog out there!
Cally is a mad woman. She made this one REALLY hard.
I am proud to announce that I guessed her 7 Brides for 7 Brothers correctly.

And, even though, my stinkin contest prize is so, well, stinky
compared to Cally’s handcrafted little people,
I will shortly declare one of you the winner….stay tuned…I am still working on the post.


  1. If I had only remembered the avalanche part…I haven’t seen the movie in [50 million] years…and when my son was in the High School play they must have forgotten the avalanche part. I kept trying to think of all the movies where men wore actual [breeches] like pants above the knee… so I was confused. I do love that play/movie along with Oklahoma. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! toodles, Sheila

  2. I love these little people! What a great prize!! Better hide them if I’m ever at your house…they might “accidentally” fall into my purse….hee hee….

  3. Love your prize. I got mine in the mail on Monday and I have been trying to get around to posting pictures of it for ummm three days now, but I might just have to swipe the pictures of Cally’s blog so I can tell everyone about my adorable little batman…

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