Oxymoronish – Yeah, I just made that word up

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this billboard?
Isn’t it a little oxymoronish?
I mean to give out a prescription to get rid of your addiction.
Is giving out the drugs the best way to treat this ailment?



  1. that is just a titch crazy…maybe the prescription is to get rid of the prescriptions????It jaw dropping when you come to realize just how many people are hooked on prescribed pain meds. Once the addiciton has taken over you can get them almost anywhere. Sad but true!ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  2. it’s just how modern society works–(and this is coming from a gal who’s never been ashamed to admit that drugs–the GOOD KIND–are her friend…)pretty soon we will be popping pills for everything in our life.kinda scary.loved the billboard

  3. Let me pick up my jaw first. Then say what a great made up word “Oxymoronish” it fits so well. personally I don’t think giving more drugs is going to make it easier to quick taking drugs.

  4. Prescription use now a days does more harm than good…Now we have kids playing with meds mixing them and downing them for fun..crazy times we live in..this is definitely an Oxymoron-ish sign! lol!

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