1. You make me Smile! Love your comments on my blog too. Your hubby was brilliant when he gifted you the blog title…I’m So Funny!quote from your about me:My hubby gifted my blog and it’s name to me because he thinks that I am successfully funny sometimes. I like to find the humor in just about everything.I think you are successful at ‘funny’ all the time. Great character trait to find the humor in everything. Check your e.mail my graphic won’t post here.toodles, Sheila

  2. ps: my husband says he does mind if I stay up all night blogging. He did wait for me to come to bed the other night when I was blogging about being busy and finding balance… he said instead of writing about busy, we should have been getting busy… if you get my drift. Ü toodles again,Sheila

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  4. hey–i have been checking out your action and i must say i’m impressed–you have a gift that not a lot of bloggers out there do–loved you post about kids and even husband complain about 2 or 3 or 4 (crap–could be 8 some days) hours of blogging and then we turn into terrible moms. of course they wanna take away the one thing that we enjoy and might give us a little self-esteem….murphy’s law and all…i’m adding you to my google reader as i’ve enjoyed your business you put out there–i also agree about dooce. total crap in my opinion

  5. oK lady… whatzup? Just for the record. I hate back labor too. They had to turn Yvette (she was posterior) in the middle of a contraction… how rude is that???? After seeing my sister give birth a couple of times with epidurals…my thought is, why was I so stupid? Are you waiting for the third clue on Cally’s blog. your guesses are so good, I on the other hand[lame]. I hope you win, contests are not my thing I guess.toodles, Sheila

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