More church signs.

My previously posted church signs were recently featured at my new favorite church sign blog.
I told you that I had been pewed.
Church sign guy didn’t get the reference to being benched, but in a church form,
so I thought I would explain that here for my readers.
Here are some recently found signs.
The last is my favorite of the three.
I have to give myself therapy every day to mind my own business.



  1. I love the church signs. They are very creative and catch your eye right where it should be. Keep up the church sign postings.

  2. Okay, those signs drive me nuts!! Did you see the one about Moses? It said Don’t worry, Moses was a basket case. LOL What are they saying? That Moses was crazy or is it only that he was left in a basket as a baby? Hmmmm…… You totally made me laugh b/c I can’t stand those signs, and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that ponders them!

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