$100 Bonus


Here is my traffic violation in art form.

A few weeks back I received my first traffic violation in 13 years. If you are at an intersection and all the cars in front of you are waiting for the red light to turn green so that they can proceed directly through, it is not lawful to turn right into the gas station next to you to avoid the intersection. It is called exactly that…avoiding an intersection, and it is against the law…WHO knew?

Well, I was pretty bummed, but was delighted when I got home and LG told me that he may be able to get the ticket revoked by the traffic court judge. So, I was even more delighted when LG went with one of his boss’s last week and in my behalf did exactly that. It was the first time since coming to law school that I finally got one little perk!

So, last night, we are going over our budget and trying to figure out how in the world we are going to come up with another $7,000 to pay for another bar class and bar test. (Why do they call it a bar anyway – that sounds like LG is going to go and take a drinking class – which if he wasn’t a Mormon, he might) Needless to say, we were having a good amount of frustration. LG said to me,”Alice, I am done with the law, I have got to grow up and provide for my family. We should have called this law school thing a wash a long time ago. We just keep forking out the cash and all it has done for us is provide one $100 bonus in getting you out of a traffic violation.”

I then replied, “Well that was one powerful $100 bonus to me.” The power of being untouchable on the roads is a pretty nice perk! Now, I just can’t get a ticket for another 30 days.

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  1. stay with it. your family has sacrificed much already, don’t make it all for nothing. LG can finish, and will be a good provider for his family.

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