We discovered the world’s best pediatric dentist a few years back. His name is Bo Townsend, but he allows his patients and their parents to affectionately call him Dr. Bo.

LG teases me that I have a crush on Dr. Bo, but we all know it is just a joke, and plain not true. I just love Dr. Bo because he is so good with the kids. Him and his office staff make going to the dentist a totally uplifting experience. (and that’s not just because of the monkey mask gas breathing)
Unfortunately, Dr. Bo has no webpage or decent online link, or I would give him some linklove. For locals who may be lookiong for the best pediatric dentist ever, here is his phone number: 865-522-5437
If I had a crush on Dr. Bo before, then I am now in love with the man….he turned my sweet Sophia from a four front tooth pirate into a beauty with a glowing smile. I can’t help but think of Laura Ingalls Wilder every time I see her now. Her new darling smile just makes me so happy.
Sophia posted about her recent tooth extraction experience, here.

Here is what Sophia’s teeth have looked like for the past 6 weeks.
And, then she just had to breathe some of the magic air that made her float in mid-air. This stuff is the true magic, Sophia didn’t even flinch when Dr. Bo was stabbing her with the longest numbing needle I have ever seen.
Can I please get some of that for home?
Nice monkey nose.

Dr. Bo yanked the teeth out while I had stepped out in the hall to talk to Bobbie.
I can’t believe I missed it! (I think that Bobbie was in on the motherly distraction)
Sophia didn’t even know that he had taken them out, now, that’s expertise.

Here are the leftover holes.

And, is this not the cutest smile you have ever seen?

Seriously, I don’t expect it to have the same effect on you, but it just makes me cry….so sweet.
And, we got through all of this without any tears, except for mine when I found out I missed all the action. And, also, I am not counting the tears that were shed while the last affects of the magic gas were wearing off. We were halfway home by this point, and a girl has no control over how that magic gas effects her hormones, does she?
And, the last part of the story. I (being the mom that I am) told that cheap toothfairy that he better pay up good. This girl deserved more than just $1.


  1. I failed to mention I am currently looking for an ortho. as my teeth have moved from both pregnancies. It’s hard finding someone you like. My dentist referred me to a place an hour away. This is of no help.

  2. Ouch!!! So cute though, Alice. So sorry about the lack of dishwasher! When Scott and I first got married, we moved to Germany for 31/2 years and didn’t have a dishwasher. My hands were like leather!

  3. Oh she looks so cute. What a trooper. I can’t believe you <>wanted<> to watch. Gross.Whitaker–I don’t know if you’re local, but my bro-in-law is an awesome orthodontist. 🙂 Allen Langford. His office is near I-40 and Pellissippi.

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