Prego Pains

We all know the pain of finding cute maternity clothes that actually fit, but what in the world is the first pregnant man going to do?

Maybe this pregnant girl turned guy could buy some of Nicole Richie’s new line?

It’s just WRONG! As far as I am concerned, this “man” is still a “woman” or she better become a woman again really fast. Last time I checked there is no way a “man” can actually labor and deliver.

And I have living proof…when LG “delivered” his 10mm kidney stone his urologist said that he was going to mail the stone to Japanese doctors who said it was impossible for a man to pass a stone that big.

I guess the Japanese are really going to freak out when they hear a man has passed a baby through his canal!

I have one request – can I be in the room?



  1. Eeewww! This is totally a freakshow and I feel so sorry for the baby. At least they took their story to a classy joint like Oprah (dry heave)!!!!

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