A New Blog Slacker Friend

A while back Cally posted about a lime popsicle….you all must go and read this story, if you haven’t already..I busted into tears when I retold the story to LG. (he has just learned to smile at my womanliness)

Well, I am proud to say that I have made a blogging friend out of the lime popsicle story writer ( I just don’t know her name -isn’t the blogging world great?). I just loved this post where she referred to herself as a blog slacker. I am most definitely going to have to steal this term!



  1. Tears, tears!!! Dallin’s looking at me, wondering why I am crying. That is SO sweet! It is especially sweet knowing what that company did to stop regular production for a whole day. Remember, Paul works at the Nestle/Hot Pockets plant, so when production stops, a lot of money is lost. And then husbands come home from work stressed out because of it.Amazing, giving, and so generous!

  2. Alice….you know me, the weepy girl…and I am completely in tears over here. What a beautiful story — I am so glad you shared that here. I love to be reminded that there really is still goodness in this crazy world.

  3. That story really touched me. It is amazing that a company really did that. I too have a hubby that works with production lines. He can tell me exactly how much money is lost for each minute of outage. Amazing that a big corporation did that. My heart is so full, thanks for sharing that!

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