How dare you Rita!

Rita has tagged me…I HATE being tagged, but because I love Rita so much and this tag isn’t too invasive I decided to play along.

A: Attached or single: Attached – Very very attached.
B: Best friend: LG – I don’t believe in having any other “best” friends…so high school
C: Cake or pie: Pie with real whipped cream or ice cream…choc cake with milk
D: Day of choice: Friday, Saturday and Sundays are all equally liked
E: Essential item: Baby wipes
F: Favorite type of music: Songs that I can remember the lyrics to sing along.
G: Gummy Bears or Worms: Both!
H: Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
I: Indulgences: ice cream
J: January or July: In TN Jan…anywhere else July
K: Kids: Three lovely daughters
L: Last movie: I have NO idea.
M: Marriage date: August 15
N: Number of Siblings: Six…they are all crazy
O: Oranges or apples: oranges
P: Phobias or fears: oooo.just the thought of a mouse!
Q: Quote(s): Noah Webster ~ “All knowledge begins with wonder”
R: Reason to smile: my husband’s sense of humor
T: Tag four : NOT GONNA DO IT! – any of you can play along
U: Unknown Fact about me: I lived with no running water or electricity for three months of my life.
(I have no idea what the question is for “V” — it wasn’t attached!)
W: Worst Habit: Pulling out my hair – literally.
X: X-rays or Ultrasounds: Strangest question ever, isn’t it?? I choose ultrasounds I guess
Y: Your favorite food: Ice Cream is the perfect food!
Z: Zodiac: Scorpio



  1. Hey Alice, why are you pulling out your hair? Is it a nervous habit? I’m just curious. I bite my nails and even though I know it’s gross, it soothes me.I’m a scorpio too!I’m so envious of all the trees (you mentioned in past comment) that you have on your property. We are getting ready to plant a peach tree and some raspberry bushes and I can’t wait! I keep checking on my lily bulbs and they keep growing. So exciting! I’m not having any more kids so maybe I’m projecting or something.

  2. I’m so glad you don’t hate me…or I really, really hope you don’t hate me!Thanks for playing along — you are a good sport and I will try with all my might to not tag you again! (No promises — but I will try!) 😉I enjoyed reading your list!

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