It’s a girl mustache

I think I will post links to the kids every time they post something on their blog. This way I can have a way to say anything I want about their post.

Today’s kid post has an explanation. I started watching a sweet 7 month old baby boy today. I will be babysitting every Mon – Thurs so that I can pick up the financial slack while LG gets started with his own legal practice. (hopefully he can get started – we still have 2 1/2 weeks until bar results)

As you can imagine, today is an adjustment day for all of us. My adjustment was that I didn’t get to go back to bed after Abigail and Sophia got off to school. (normally Bella won’t wake up until 9 or 10) Brayden’s (our new daytime baby) adjustment is getting used to a new place and new people.

And Bella’s adjustment today was entertaining herself while mom went to lay down with the baby to get him used to his new sleeping arrangements. The mustache is what she came up with during her 1/2 hour to herself…so cute!


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