Bowling for a Break

I recently posted about LG’s desire to join a bowling league to escape the female hormones that are rampant at our house.

So, over Spring Break, we did the next best thing. We went bowling with all the female hormones in tow. Lucky for LG, we joined some of our friends from the testosterone family.
I have to say Matt is one fierce competitor when it comes to who has the most testosterone, and I am only saying that to get him to read my blog.
Here are some pictures in the form of how to have a successful time when bowling with children.
Tip #1: Kick back and try to enjoy the constant motion of the children. Try not to worry about the children throwing the bowling etiquette out the window. Hope that you don’t get people from the redneck bowling league on the lane next to you. (Man, I knew I should have taken their picture)

I know this is a picture of Rita’s backside, but you can’t really see it, and I wanted you to all see her knocking down ONE pin…and we all know that is the hardest thing to do when bowling. Unfortunately, the picture is too small here and you can’t see her blue ball knocking down the pin either.

But, Tip #2: Aim the best you can, and let the bumpers take care of the rest. And try not to worry about anyone taking a picture of your backside.

Tip #3: Demonstrated by Sophia. Dry your hands on the hand blower as often as possible. This seemed to be more fun for the kids than the actual bowling. That blower was never idle throughout the night.

Tip #4: Keep your eye on the ball.

Tip #5:

Try not to obsess about the score.

Tip #6: Say Cheese when your moms get out the cameras, and you will be duly rewarded.

Tip #7: Dig in, because when you said cheese,
your mothers responded with the Nachos. And everybody loves Nachos: big and small.

Tip #8: Take a nap before the final frame.
And the final tip of the night:
Go bowling on the night that games only cost $1.
No matter what goes wrong, everyone will be happy, even the dad’s leave happy.
$20 for our family of 5, and you know he couldn’t have bowled in a league that cheap.
And who wants to bowl with all the rednecks anyways?
They would never jump up and down for you when you get a strike.
And, they would have most definitely threw you out when you missed that split, instead of climbing up into your lap for a hug.
(not that you would want a hug from them anyway, and you certainly wouldn’t want them climbing in your lap)


  1. A whole bunch of happy, cute kids, Alice! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I stink at bowling! I have very bad form or something, because the next morning I always wake up feeling as if I’ve pulled/broken something.

  2. Where else can you go for $20 and have such fun ; )Whenever the grandkids come we go bowling here because it’s five-pin bowling and it is so different. They get such a kick out of it. You use a smaller ball and you have 3 chances to knock down 5 pins–sounds easy, but believe me it isn’t.So glad everyone had a great time.

  3. how fun! This was a great share. I thought I wanted to join a bowling league too. A beginners league. My score is really pretty hideous. Hence, no league joined. Our family enjoys bowling as well. I have such big hands I am always stuck with the 10lb balls or higher.

  4. hee hee — love your bowling tips. And I knew eventually my backside would end up on your darn blog! (ha!) At least if no one clicks on the photo it’s rather small… 🙂

  5. It looks like you have a nice bowling alley there. I haven’t ventured out to any of them here because there are all “smoking” and I get bad headaches from smoke.

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