Everyone loves Rita

I have never claimed to be the most organized blogger, but today I realized that I made a big blogging no no.

I just posted about winning my MaryKay stuff from Michelle.

But, I totally spaced this cool stuff that Rita brought over because I won her 80’s music raffle. It has been sitting on my piano, and until I got on a cleaning kick during the past few days, I had forgotten about it. (I bet you have all been wondering where I have been: getting reaquainted with the joy of a clean house and car, and I have to give the credit for that to Cynthia)

Yeah, you heard it right, I guessed ONE 80’s song title before the millions of others of Rita’s readers. And by some miracle, I won the raffle. Thanks to Nicholas for drawing my name.

And the song I knew?…here’s a good blast to the past: King for a Day by the Thompson Twins. C’mon, you know you want to sing it….A king for just one day…I would give it all away!

I told you that we were on a winning streak. Anyhow, I love the stationary stuff Rita. A woman can never have enough cards, post its, or journals. Thank you Rita! If everyone doesn’t love you already, they should. And my favorite thing in the gift bag: a silver bookmark with Rita’s favorite quote:

It is never too later to be what you might have been. ~ George Eliot

I met Rita when Abigail and Ryan were in the same kindergarten class. Ryan and Abigail have been friends for three years. Wow, time does fly. I am so glad to have Rita as my friend. Not only is she a great blogger, but she is a wonderful mother and a mean bowler. Everyone loves Rita! And, as promised I will not post a picture of her butt from when we went bowling last week. And I am not saying that it doesn’t look good, not that I was checking her out. he he I am just obliging Rita’s request. Here is the best picture I got of you Rita….so typical of what you do best: mothering.

And in honor of the winning occasion:



  1. congrats on winning again! and having a clean house and car. I need to go wash my car and while I am at it, I should wash the dog too.

  2. I feel so loved now Alice — you are too sweet! I did not expect you to post your winnings on your blog. It didn’t even cross my mind. But I have to admit I was secretly pleased that Nicholas pulled your name in my contest! 😉I am blushing at all of your kind comments…I am quite sure that I am not nearly as “loved” as you make me sound — but thanks for making me feel appreciated today and for your vote of confidence in my mothering skills (which are constantly in question in my mind!)So glad to have you as a friend Alice — and thanks for making my day today!

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