Be Still My Soul, with some soul

This post is for Phyllis. She is my friend at church who thinks that Mormons have no soul. (She’s right)

I could listen to this all day. And, my soul is still.

For those of you who are Mormon and won’t be able to shake the camera that was snuck in the chapel (only in Utah), just as I was unable to shake the guitar in our chapel on Sunday (only in TN), close your eyes and just listen. And, I promise you’ll be worshiping right alongside me and Phyllis in no time.

And thank you Annie, for the link.



  1. My daughter Yvette & I love to sing this song together… it was a comfort to us after my mother died. Thanks for the post!ToOdLeS, ShEiLA

  2. What chapel has a picture of Christ with teenagers on the wall?Is that a Utah thing?Glad I am in TN.Oh, our Bishop in Chicago played classical guitar and used to play in Sacrament meeting. Of course, in Chicago, the Members would shout out Amen through half the meetings.Possibly they were converts from the A.M.E. church?

  3. Thanks for posting that soulful rendition. David’s voice is rich and clear. That is my second favorite version (MoTab still is #1). Maybe we will be lucky and he will record it??????And I am wondering too – what chapels have a picture of Christ behind the pulpit? Could he possibly be singing in some other denominations chapel???

  4. I sure hope that he will take the Hymn book home and make some nice recordings…I for one would buy it! I believe he is in a primary room or RS room singing. Be Still My Soul is my favorite song!!!!Thanks for sharing this!I think if David was in our ward…I prolly would have recorded him and repented later…ooooh…I am terrible terrible!!

  5. If he is singing in a chapel, where is his tie?? He is old enough to be wearing a suite and tie if he is singing at the podium. I can’t get over the camera in the chapel thing. That is one of my biggest pet peeves!! I hope it wasn’t the chapel. He did a wonderful job though. I agree that he should make a recording of hymns. I would buy it!

  6. That was beautiful. I live in VA and just last Sunday I saw a young women stand in the back of the chapel with a video camera on a stand recording her mother’s talk. It should have surprised me but nearly all of my ward are converts. They don’t know that we don’t really do that in the Church. I think it was ignored by everyone (including leadership) because we try to prioritize the issues we correct. For instance, my husband did decide to speak up when he noticed a teenage girl helping the young men take down the sacrament table. We really should let the Preisthood handle that. 🙂

  7. I understand the rules about guitars in Sacrament Meeting but one time we had an less-acitve young man play his clasical guitar in our Sacrament Meeting (with the permission of the Bishop.) He played a couple of hymns and it was some of the most beautiful music I have every heard. We sang for part of one of the hymns. The spirit was so strong and we all felt it. This young man is now working on his PHD in music in Arizona and recently played with our local Symphony. What great talent.

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