“You must not lose faith in humanity.
Humanity is an ocean;
if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,
the ocean does not become dirty.”
~Mahatma Gandhi
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  1. I tend to focus on the few who ‘muddy the puddle’ for everyone… you know tha saying… the ‘squeaky wheel gets the grease’? I think that there can be 100 people & 25 are miserable individuals and they spread the misery around so well… that you don’t notice the 75 well adjusted happy campers just playing quietly in the mud puddle.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  2. That quote is really powerful — and so true.It is way too easy to focus on the bad over the good. This was a great reminder that there is always hope — if we have faith!

  3. If that quote is on your page, I did not get it from there KatyBeth…I am a really funny blogger that way…I HAVE to give credit where credit is due. I hate it when people blog from my blog and don’t at least give me a tiny little link!It is a great quote…I got it from a quote RSS feed that I belong to.

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