Blogger Play Fun

I have a game for all of you. GO to blogger play and see if you can get any first assumptions correct about people. This is a fun game I play with myself, when I have ran out of other blogging tasks to do.

This game works wonders in passing the time when I am dissapointed to find nothing updated among my blogging friends. (which happens a lot when I am the only one without a life on the weekends)

Blogger play turns the most recent blogspot pictures into a slideshow. These pictures are taken from all the blogs that post on I like to try and figure things out about the people when their posted pictures come up. But I especially like to spot Mormons. It is kind of the same theory I use when watching American Idol. You can play this game, even if you aren’t a Mormon. (although I have to say that Mormons may be easier to spot – especially if you spend any time with them, they have so many quirks) But, hey, even if you are a Catholic or a Baptist, you can play this game with your people too. Your people may have quirks that would be easier for you to spot.

Today, I found this picture
When I clicked on the picture in bloggerplay, it linked to The Hawkins site. Lo and behold, on the top post, Relief Society is mentioned. I was dead on!! (the church chairs just gave it away) I have to laugh because I get so proud of myself when I am right. The third picture on Blogger Play today in deed showcased some Mormons (it usually takes me longer than that to find some).

So, there you go, whenever you are bored because I haven’t updated (which has got to happen soon, I’ve been a blogging fool and I have to get burned out – it is just in my nature) all you have to do is play the blogger play game. So fun! Maybe I should try to patent this little game, especially if people are going to start telling their friends to play without linking to me.



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