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What is your blogging philosophy? I had a conversation with my brother today who told me that I needed more pictures on my blog. I am purposefully not putting a picture here. I love being passive aggressive, or just aggressive. I am never passive, even though it is my goal every year of my life to learn to be passive.

My blogging philosophy is this….Do whatever you want with your own darn blog. That is why you have it. Blogging allows you to actually control something in your life all by yourself. My favorite blogs are the ones like mine, that actually have some commentary. The more personal the information the better (few people dare to live their life as an open book and people who do dare have my utmost respect – as long as they can actually talk about something besides themselves)

I like to read people’s opinions and love the internet for bringing them all to my very own house. I can get millions of opinions with a few clicks. How is that for someone who still has a market research bug somewhere deep down inside? I loved calling and bugging people for their personal information when I was telemarketer, but I am now the first one to hang up on them. I don’t need them, I have blogging now. And, I now get my high from the comment click. Woo hoo.

And while I am sharing my opinion, I am not a huge fan of blogs that have only one purpose…to chronicle and scrapbook one’s own family. C’mon give me some substance. Every Mormon family blog looks exactly the same. I don’t care how cute your kid is! Although I am giving my kudos to Meagan for at least admitting that her blog is what I don’t like. (I like it all the more now that you were willing to openly talk about it.) he he – Now I know that I just ticked some of my blogging friends off. Sorry. I do still read all of your blogs, or should I say, I do still look at each and every picture. But, if you would like some other comments from me besides “cute picture” then do something daring and give me some juicy stuff.

And, just for the record, here is the official definition of blog: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

I think you will be surprised at knowing that most blogs don’t fit the definition, including mine. I don’t really journal all of the details; I never link often enough, I talk too much, and evidently I don’t have enough pictures either. Oh well, I gave up a long time ago trying to please my brothers.

I like this’s definition better:

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political
soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private
thoughts. Memos to the world. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are
millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules. In
simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis.
New stuff shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what’s new. Then they
comment on it or link to it or email you. Or not.

So, happy blogging everyone, even you family people!



  1. Oh how I love you…and you totally nailed it. Pretty much every blog I read is just as you defined them…except yours. I think that’s why I always look forward to checking yours periodically throughout the day. It gives me that little boost to make it through the day, whether it’s a laugh or simply relating completely.

  2. Your honesty makes me laugh . . . sometimes! Dave would totally agree with your ridicule of the typical family blog . . . he calls them family websites, not blogs.

  3. You’re right on! and our blog is one of those objectionable family ones… 🙂 but I might have to add that blogs are bound to include other definitions since ours is a way for us to keep up with extended family and friends, too. I like the newsy stuff – like Christmas cards all year round. But I’ll be sure to post without pictures (at least not of the kids), just for you.

  4. well my blogging philosophy is to talk about whatever happens to enter my head that day. It’s a fun way to vent even if it does just feel like a high tech way of talking to myself sometimes 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m so guilty. Thank you for not being passive.I love honest people. If I have something in my nose or bad breath, I appreciate people like you who have the courage to say so!

  6. I have a personal blog for non-Liam content, but my first priority is journaling Liam’s life for now. I just don’t feel deep and insightful lately. Nothing funny to report either (unless it has to do with Liam). Thanks for obliging me.

  7. I have to agree with you — blog what you want. I’m not sure where I fall in your assessment — I do talk about my kids a lot, but I also talk about a whole lot of nothing, don’t I??? LOLI did start my blog so I would be more inclined to spend time writing.

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