The Milkman

My three daughters Posted by Hello

As you can see, our girls all have their own distinct features. We always tell people that Abigail is a mix of both of us, Sophia is just like her Dad, and Bella is a spittin image of me. The people that know us well definitely agree when we say genetics can be crazy.

It is when I tell complete strangers this that I have a problem. Whenever they approach me it is the same routine, “Are they ALL yours?” I say, “Yes.” Then they look at me like they don’t believe me or they look away and whisper, which to me, means that they obviouslly think they all have different daddies.

Because I am me, I can’t let people think what they want. I ALWAYS have to explain myself. Something that I am trying to work on (don’t think this blog is really helping). So, it isn’t uncommon for me to say to complete strangers…”And, if you are wondering, they all have the same mom and dad…there is no milkman involved.” It is fun to see the strangers’ reactions to my boldness. They usually don’t know what to say. What can they say when they know I have just read their minds?

This could be very interesting in a few years down the road. My girls are probably getting subliminal messages that the milkman is very much involved in the baby- making process. I will certainly have some explaining to do.


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