Wal-Mart Proposal

Boys, you gotta have the flowers

Alright, it’s about time that I tell on myself again. Here’s the latest episode of brain lapse or “talk b4 think”.

I went to Wal-Mart late Saturday night. While I was checking out I noticed a cute young couple behind me in line. Of course, I had a LOAD of groceries, and so my check-out took a while. I was brought up to be TOO friendly to strangers and of course I decided to strike up a conversation with these two.

The young girl had a dozen roses in her hand. She was standing behind the guy. I said to her, “Are those for you?” She replied with a yes. I chuckled a bit and looked at the guy and said,”Is she showing you what kind she likes?” She said, “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

I said, “Funny, I just called my husband on the phone and told him that roses were finally coming down in price after Valentine’s Day. I asked him if I should buy some for myself.” I continued,”Now you shouldn’t have to buy flowers for yourself until AFTER you are married.” They laughed.

I then looked at the guy, elbowed him, and said, “you know what that means for you, huh? Guess you might be married real soon.”

The girl then decides to pipe up again. I think that she was trying to save her new fiance from my torture. She said,”Actually, he just proposed tonight.”

Everyone in line gave the oo’s and the aw’s….all I could think about is how absolutely crappy I had just made this poor guy feel. He proposed and then his new fiance had to go and buy herself some flowers to remember the night by.

Moral of the story: Never propose without flowers. Just do like my husband and don’t propose at all; then you won’t have to worry about it.



  1. Hey Alice…
    I’ve learned in life that when women (and most men, for that matter) are involved, jewelry makes up for all flowers. If they got something sparkly or shiny, most women I know could care less about flowers. Right?

  2. You have a good point there, Chris. Every woman loves the sparkly stuff. Unfortunately for my husband; he didn’t buy me an engagement ring either. We kind of just made a marriage agreement…”yeah, let’s get married.”

    Cute story about the sparkly stuff. My daugher, Abigail, was given this nice necklace from a friend after Christmas. She had been given it from a family member and thought it was way too gaudy to actually wear. It was a wide silver chain with a big lilac stone surrounded by some QZ’s.

    One day when LG got Abigail ready for school, he allowed her to wear it that day. (I could have died…how tacky) At the dinner table, that night, I said, “Abigail, tell dad thanks for letting you wear your necklace.” She said, “Dad, thanks, I loved it. All the kids looked at it. Nikki (her friend at school) called it my Bling ling.” We had a real good laugh.

    We said,”Your bling, bling.” She said, “No, my bling ling.” Now the necklace is affectionately known as the bling ling.

    Now we know why all little girls (and some boys for that matter) grow up to love the jewelry.

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