How to dress up like a cow

We recently took a trip to Chick-Fil-A
for some free chicken.

All you had to do was dress up like a cow.

It was in this setting that I realized,

that moms can try as hard as they want:
they can make costumes
and help coordinate efforts

but, they can
try to

LG is such a good sport.
Or he really just likes free chicken.
Nobody got his costume.
Except for this other dad,
standing close by
in his sissy
jersey spots.
He let out a good manly chuckle
at the sight of LeGrand,
being the man that he is.
I think he is going to rethink
his costume next year.
I wonder how many men
will show up as bulls
next time?
But, remember,
you saw it here first.
LeGrand needs all the manly points
he can get
in this household
full of women.
Like our 4 daughters
always say,
“even our cat and dog
are girls.”


  1. I have only eaten at Chick-Fil-A one time… in Austin, TX when I went to visit my sister Tess. I loved it.

    I love that you all got to dress up as cows. Makes me think of my Mother… she collected them with her sisters. And now her daughters collect them in memory of her.

    I imagine LG feels out numbered… he just needs to remember one thing. Tony says that he may be out numbered but he's the Dad and that gives him more votes. I never gave my Dad enough credit for hanging out with all of us. 8 girls with Mom.


  2. The guy holding the baby car seat looks like he's miserable. Its one of those why did I let her talk me into this looks. Im pretty sure Scott would have drawn the line at that one. He won't even let us dress in matching colors. He's so lame!

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