Fulfilling my duty

Everyone is pestering me. EVERYONE…not just you blogging stalkers!
Here is a post, just to calm you people down and to fulfill my duty to the blogging world.
If I were to let my hair down right now, it might look like this beautiful, yet crazy. flower.
It would most definitely be standing on end.

I am overwhelmed. I have been very busy. I am tired.

I often try to find comfort from nature. At times, I just need an escape from my frazzled mind.

This photo pretty much sums up how much “calming comfort” I have been finding lately.

Did I mention that I am tired?

So, there you have it.

I expect at least twenty more blurker comments before I will force myself to post again.

[ And they don’t all have to be from you Sheila 🙂 ]

Of course, I am hoping for the morning to be lucky for me.

I am going to bed before 10 pm for the first time in three weeks.



  1. I’ve been gone a week and this is your only post?! I really can’t believe it. I hope you life settles down soon… for your sake! I also have a funny picture for you from our trip. When you’re back to blogging it might be a good one to post.

  2. Don’t ever feel you have a duty to fulfill. You need to blog because you enjoy it and when you really want to. I know I was just worried about you–so glad you’re o.k. (Yes, life does get busy, but don’t let blogging be a chore.

  3. I am right there with you Alice! I haven’t been blogging — although no one stalks me when I’m gone — I’m not popular like you!!! 🙂 I also have not been blog hopping and have fallen way behind with all my friends.I am also perpetually tired these days. I feel like my kids have already had a whole summer’s worth of fun crammed into the first week or so of vacation! It’s exhausting! Get some rest!

  4. You do sound a tid bit frazzled. I know how that feels so take your time and have your time to re-group and relax. Here in Nevada it the darn heat that kicks my bum. When you are hot you just don’t have any extra energy. I love this photo! Love the color, focus, it’s peaceful. Thanks. toodles, Sheila

  5. Sheesh-glad to hear you are ok. You are such a prolific blogger that one worries when you don’t post for awhile…thanks for updating us.

  6. Oh stop your crying. Just like a celebrity, you get a little fame and when your fans want more you say I am tired and cancel the concert. LOL BTW this is what little brothers are good for. Kicking you while you are down! Love you! now get back to work!

  7. Good to have you back – even for only 2 posts. I really was worried something was wrong since you didn’t post for so long.

  8. What?!? You get tired? I hope you enjoy a good nights rest and get back into your groove. I hate it when things that I love turn into chores.

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