Crazy Caroline

We have been having challenges with Caroline.
Since the day she was born.
What a crazy kid.
We have nicknamed her Crazy Caroline.
We have Adorable Abigail.
Sweet Sophia.
Beautiful Bella.
Crazy Caroline.
Maybe we should say
Crazy Cute Caroline
so that she won’t grow up with 
black sheep syndrome.
our most recent challenge
has been that Caroline
learned how to open doors.
She is always trying to make an escape.
Can’t say that I blame her.
Well, as you all know
at our new rental home
one of the conditions of the lease
is that our pets are outdoor pets.
It has been nice not having the dog
under foot.
She loves her cozy house in the garage
where she can go outside
as she pleases.
Imagine my surprise when
I got out of the shower the other day
and found this.
Posted by Picasa
At least she wasn’t out in the street
Not the dog, silly.
She sure does make for some great blog material.


  1. I think Crazy Cute Caroline… is in your family to assure that there will never be a dull moment at your house.

    Miss Caroline… where do you come up with this stuff???


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