If every day were field day

If every day were field day,
we could sit outside and smile at each other.
Everyone would love themselves and wear fancy hats.

We could pop balloons with our butts just for fun.

We could let out all of our frustrations by pulling on eight kids on the end of a very large rope.

Everyone would get some kine of award, and be very happy and proud of their hard work.

Our teachers would cut us a break when they had to replace the paper that they told us to be very careful with. They would forget that they told us to place it in a very important place instead of losing it out of our pocket on the playground.

Even though they said they would not reproduce our list of events, they would.


Because it is field day, and no one can go home disappointed, even if they tend to misplace things because they are too busy thinking about more important things.

(The little genius Abigail is just like her father. He needs a field day every day too so that when he loses that fourth wedding band [which is not a matter of IF but WHEN], I, too, will cut him a break.)

We could just hug our friends.

We would not just cheer on our classmates but the opponents from the “other side” also.

And, we could run just for fun.

(Man, I really need an adult version of a field day.

I haven’t run for fun in approximately 15 years)

And, last but not least, if we could have a field day every day,

everyone would take a moment to enjoy the vastness of the sky.

And, like me, they would know God is up there somewhere.

And they would know that he’s watching over all of his children.

And on field day, everyone would be happy because God would be happy.


Because his children are all getting along, enjoying each other and encouraging each other.

And that is the most important reason that even if every day isn’t field day,

we should act like it is.

And, if you can’t be nice like it’s field day…

…go and pop a balloon with your butt.

It will put you in the mood.



  1. I love this field day post. How true it is, every word. We should all be a little bit more like kids and live in the moment… happily.toodles, Sheila

  2. I remember field day. That was always fun. The only day I liked better was Halloween at school when all the kids walked in the costume parade outside on the blacktop. 🙂

  3. We just had our field day too! Love your insights, you should write a book called, “all I ever needed to know i learned at field day!”

  4. What a fabulous post Alice — and I am so sorry I have not visited your blog lately. May is always my most hectic month (tied with December I think!). I’m sure you are busy too though, so it’s not much of an excuse.Our kids had their field day canceled! 😦 They were so bummed out — but I am VERY glad your kids had such a fantastic time!Hope to see you guys soon. Don’t be strangers this summer! Can you believe Abigail & Ryan are both turning nine in just a few days!?! Where does the time go?

  5. Oh my does this post bring back some great memories; I’d forgotten just how much fun field day was! Hmmm, wonder if I have any balloons lying around…my butt sure is big enough to do the trick now!!! LOL

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