Abigail, Bella, and Sophia
Sophia is wearing one of her new nightgownsPosted by Hello

All little girls love nightgowns. Why didn’t I know this before I bought so many pairs of cotton pants and tops? Between my three daughters, we probably own 50 pairs of pajamas. [25 are being stored waiting for someone to fit into them] I rotate according to size and yes, the poor younger two get mostly hand-be-downs.

Well, about two months ago Sophia decided that she would wear nothing to bed but the one nightgown that she owned. After about three weeks of “Mommy torture”. Sophia would beg for her nightgown every night. I would explain it was dirty. It would have to be washed sometime. Sophia would cry and cry and sometimes throw temper tantrums (she is 3). I would try and convince her to wear one of dad’s cool T-shirts or her pretty p’j’s with the flowers or, better yet, her new ones from Christmas. Usually, nothing would work.

After dad witnessed this enough times, he gave me permission to buy her another nightgown. I was elated. We went to Wal-Mart that day to see what we could find. I tried to sell Sophia on the $5 after -Chrismas-specials, but she wanted nothing but the pretty Princess and the Pauper one. I told her that she could have the P&P nightgown or 2 TWO 2 of the other ones that were on sale. She only wanted the P&P. So, I let her get it. Well, now Abigail was jealous and she wanted a P&P. I caved and let her have one of the $5 deals, thinking I was pretty nice, since she already had three nightgowns at home and we weren’t even shopping for her.

Well, on with the saga, that night, Abigail starts having a coniption fit because she doesn’t have the nightgown. We sat her down and explained that she was lucky to have a new nightgown at all and that it was Sophia’s turn to have something new. We can’t afford to buy all the girls a nightgown. [this may sound mean, but trust me when I say that our girls have plenty]. We told Abigail that she could do extra chores around the house and buy herself a nightgown. Did she ever pick up one toy, NO! And to this day, I am still reminding her that if she will pick up some toys she could get a nightgown.

The saga continues….LG has been encouraging me for quite some time to become familiar with E-bay. He wants us to start a business there. I thought that this was a perfect oppportunity. I bought Sophia a few more gowns, and when they started coming in the mail, Abigail was crushed. Then I bought Abigail a few and when they were delivered Sophia was crushed. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I think that kids will be kids.

When it comes to nightgowns….we just can’t WIN!



  1. How can you thing the kids are spoiled when it sounds like she was perfectly content to wear the nighty she already had – in fact she wanted it and you took it away! You coudl have saved the $ you spent on a new one just by giving her the old one back.
    Maybe I am missing something here but it soudns like you encouraged her to want more/different. Can;t blame the kid for being spoiled. Thats the parents fault.parents

  2. Sophia was perfectly content to wear the nightgown she had (nighties are for Victoria Secret models), but if you would have read a little closer, you would have noticed that the REASON she couldn’t wear her nightgown all the time is because it wasn’t clean, not because I just randomly decided to take it away.

    She only had one and there was no way I was going to wash it every day. Don’t judge me until you have three kids, a husband in law school, and a mental illness.

    Maybe you would have washed the kid’s nightgown every day or maybe you would have let her wear it dirty, but I chose to handle it by getting them enough nightgowns so that they could wear one every night if they wanted. I don’t see anything wrong with that, even if you do.

    I NEVER took her only nightgown away. It was dirty. If it makes me a BAD mom for wanting my kids to wear clean pj’s, then so be it. If it makes my kids spoiled because I bought them a few nightgowns, then I will make up for it other ways, like making them clean up their own toys.

    I did say that my kids were spoiled, but not in the way that you are implying. They are wonderful children and giving and loving. You would know that if you could meet them. Everyone loves my kids. What I meant when I said they were spoiled is, “Trust me, they don’t go without very often.”

    This story obviouslly left you thinking that I give my kids everything that they want and that I even take things away from them so that I can give them more. Well, I don’t.

    If you don’t appreciate my parenting style, fine, but please do not come on here and tell me all that I am doing wrong. You don’t know ANYTHING about what kind of Mom I am. Trust me, I am a really good mom.

    I hope that you are a good mom too, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all support each other and help each other, instead of point fingers at each other and tell each other all that we are doing wrong?

    If you were ever nice enough to become my friend, that is exactly what I would do for you.

  3. This lady needs to get a grip and think of something nice to say or dont say it at all. Maybe she can pull the stick out of her ass as well.

  4. I’m sorry but dont you have anything better to do than to critize others on line. Who cares who spoils their kids and who doesnt that is none of our business anyway. Is that really the point anyway. Just CHILL OUT YOUGOTTAWANNA you sound like a horrible bitter person anyway so Why am I even waisting my time responding to you ! All I know is my sister is a great mom and a kind loving person so go take your negativity somewhere else…….

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