The Messes

This is the mess that the kids made this morning
while I was half asleep on the couch. Posted by Hello

It didn’t phase me at all.
I have seen hundreds if not thousands exactly like this.

The funny twist today is this:

My husband came home for a quick lunck break this afternoon; he walked in on me when I was loudly persuading (alright…maybe, yelling)Abigail and Sophia to pick up the mess. You see, we have a problem at our house; probably the same problem in most households with children. The problem: my kids love to MAKE the MESS, but the absoultely loathe cleaning them up.

Well, we decided to try something new. We gave them a half hour to pick up the mess. We told them if they cleaned it up they would get 50 cents [that is the reason I needed that 50 cents from Wendy’s so bad…(read on if you don’t get it)] and if they didn’t, we would put their toys in a trashbag and they couldn’t have them for a whole week.

Well, you can guess how that turned out….yes, I will be the one tortured all week as they beg for their toys. LG says it will be better for me in the long run. Why is it that children can punish their mothers more than their fathers?



  1. So while you sleep on the couch, your kids entertain themselves with toys. Sounds reasonable….Then they get yelled at and have the toys confiscated? Huh? Again, maybe I am missing a critical detail. If I were you I would buy them more toys, which sounds like inexpensive childcare. Then you can take more naps.

  2. If you will read again you will see that I said I was HALF asleep. If you were implying that I neglect my children, you are dead wrong. I was sitting right there on the couch watching them play and make a mess, just VERY tired…which means that I am a GOOD mom.

    I was not using toys for babysitting and my girls would have made the same mess if I was not on the couch but right there playing on the floow with them. I have made messes with them many times. Playing with toys and making messes are part of being a kid.

    Even though you may not agree, their discipline was appropriate. They have to learn to be responsible for their things. And so I am going to choose to not let you make me feel like I am doing something wrong. Spare the rod, spoil the child; trust me, I think that the kids that get no discipline are much worse off….I have seen evidence of this myself, many times.

    My kids have PLENTY of toys, but thanks for the tip anyway, I stay home and care for my children every day and so I won’t be needing inexpensive childcare.

    Even if you are missing a critical detail (which is highly likely because you don’t know anything about me or my children except for what I post here) I have to ask, why are you so critical of me? Does it make you feel better about your own inadequecies as a mother?

  3. Funny how Yogottawanna has no comback now. I cant beleive how rude and lame she is.

    P.S. satistics show that if you make kids do things by themselves they end up with higher self-e-steem, and end up more successful in the long run. Maybe she should read some parenting books themn she would know.

  4. This reminds me of when we were kids, my mom used to put all our toys in the laundry basket and we had to buy them back for a quarter each!

    So I just discovered your blog a week ago and decided I’d go back to the beginning and read a few each day. thanks for the entertainment!

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