News through IM

He’s in!

lgee_97: hey

lgee_97: I’m in class

alice_goldenchild: hi…we got a letter from the mba program. would you like me to open it now

lgee_97: yeah

alice_goldenchild: it isn’t big, but kind of thick

lgee_97: open it

alice_goldenchild: so far, a leather UT MBA coaster…..looking promising

alice_goldenchild: first word…..CONGRATULATIONS!

lgee_97: cool

alice_goldenchild: in hand writing at the bottom….CONGRATS LEGRAND…SEE YOU HERE NEXT FALL DONNA

alice_goldenchild: I am SO PROUD OF YOU

lgee_97: she’s who I interviewed with

lgee_97: Donna

lgee_97: yeah, yeah

alice_goldenchild: what a relief…i thought that you would bottom out, if you didn’t make it

alice_goldenchild: really…that is awesome…other peopel can’t even get in and you got in while attending law school

alice_goldenchild: i have to take credit for my essays though

alice_goldenchild: did you tell jeremy already

lgee_97: yes you do

lgee_97: he’s not in this class

alice_goldenchild: YOu have to go

alice_goldenchild: I want you to

alice_goldenchild: so, you could still IM

lgee_97: we’ll talk about it

alice_goldenchild: alright..i am blogging about penelope…check it out in a few

lgee_97: he’s not online right now

alice_goldenchild: did you know that the perkins paid $750 for their wills to be written

alice_goldenchild: man, we could have made some money

alice_goldenchild: I LOVE YOU>>>>>>CONGRATS HON>>>>NO one deserves it more

lgee_97: thanks

alice_goldenchild: news over IM….this could be an entry on my blog i should cut and paste

alice_goldenchild: except I would have to take out the part about ….. (which I did)

lgee_97: you’re so funny

alice_goldenchild: i’m going to do it



  1. I never had any doubts for my amazingly pataint and smart brother in law. congrats as well LG I hope you do what will make you happy and sane good luck love you guys so much love renee

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