The Love of My Life

Dollywood’s newest roller coaster
left to right: logan, tyler, jordan, & LG

This is a great pic. of LG. I thought that I better put a picture of him up here because I haven’t yet. Isn’t he so cute? I love his smile and I love this picture because you can tell that he really is having the time of his life…..having any kind of fun is a considerable accomplishment when you are in law school with a wife and three kids. This was taken at one of the best attractions in East TN, Dollywood.

LG took this picture at Christmastime ’04. In the back are his brothers. Logan and Jordan, and our brother-in-law, Tyler, he is a pilot in the AirForce; he flies the F-16 (cool huh?)…Tyler also clogs like you can’t believe, even though he is from Utah. I don’t think that his airforce buddies know about his clogging talent. Flying an F-16 is probably the more amazing talent of the two…depending on who you talk to, I guess.

Well, if I can get my stupid digital camera to download to my PC, I have some more jewels for you later.


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