Sophia’s teeth

Sophia: “This is me before I got my teeth out. And, when I had my teeth out, it felt kind of wierd. Then I had to have this thing in my mouth while they were bleeding. A tissue.I showed Daddy my teeth were gone. Now I just have two front teeth instead of my little baby teeth.”

Bella: “Sophia’s teeth turned to be out great.”

Abigail: “When Sophia brought home her teeth she put them in an envelope under her pillow and the next day the tooth fairy came and under her pillow was an envelope with five dollars and twenty-eight cents of change. The most I ever got from the tooth fairy was $3 for one tooth.”



  1. I think that the tooth fairy gave YOU extra money because you took such good care of 4 front teeth…and that was a little extra work! The most I ever got was a pink rabbit foot keychain and 2 quarters! All three of you girls are beautiful!!

  2. Hi, this is a damn cute idea…must tell my elder daughter (she’s seven) about it! thanks for visiting my blog.your blog(s) are really funny and heart-warming…it’s like a unspooling of a tug-at-your-heart, twitch-at-your-lips family movie…

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