2016 . goals.

I always like to look back on last year’s resolutions to see how I did. I did pretty good this year if I do say so myself. Probably a B average. I’ll take it. Of course I do love A’s, but I’m learning to be satisfied with imperfection.

80-100% Success
1. Don’t have another baby. Ever.
2. Write.
5. Camp and hike.
6. Love.
9. Give more to God. Daily quiet time and service.
10. Read.
13. Remember!!! My family is my greatest blessing.

60-80% Success
3. Take care of myself.
4. Take pictures.  (Read my camera manual if I get around to it.)
7. Self-improve. Be kind and gracious, let go of control, live in the moment, and be happy.
8. Self-discipline. Bed earlier, up earlier, no FB wasting.

Keep trying
11. Save at least $10,000 towards purchasing a home. Sacrifice.
12. Overcome my fear of physics. Watch some smart youtube videos.

So, onto the new year!!!

I want to take hint from the great JJ and focus on not looking back but becoming someone I have never been. Resolve to think of us and we. Feel alive. And fight the good fight.

But here are my few specifics.

1. Straight A’s! Work towards publishing something. Do some resume building. Keep reading and writing.
2. Run a half marathon again. Run at least one 9 minute mile.
3. Camp and hike. Hike TIMP!
4. Plan a week-long summer vacation.
5. See somewhere new in Utah.
6. Temple every week.
7. Sundays – Family game every Sunday – (1st week) kid interviews (2nd week) PP (3rd week) Family History
8. As a family work on cutting out carbs and meats. Eat more plants. Be more active together. Drink water!
9. Create a reasonable budget and live by it religiously. Buy a house.
10. Dailies. Quiet time and exercise! Take care of myself.
11. Let GO!! Quit using control as a coping strategy for fear.
12. Daily check-in with LG. Love harder.


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