20 easy ways to be a good person

2012-10-18 09.43.05

This morning I looked down at my dog and thought to myself, “We rescued you from eminent death at that shelter. Man, I am such a good person.”

This short little dialogue set off a chain reaction in my brain. I felt pretty amazing about being an advocate for the forgotten animals and wondered if there were other little reminders around me that could help me feel validated as a good person. After much thought and consideration, here are twenty reasons I decided I am a good person today.

More than likely, you are a good person too. Give yourself a pat on the back.

  1. I don’t intentionally shame my children on facebook.
  2. I haven’t tried to hit anyone with my car.
  3. I share my food every time there is a food drive.
  4. I kiss my husband every day.
  5. I hold doors open for people.
  6. I give kids (mine and other people’s) rides every day.
  7. I try to focus when other people are talking.
  8. I share my feelings.
  9. I try to compliment everyone.
  10. I say please and thank-you.
  11. I don’t pick my nose and eat it.
  12. I like my friends’ Facebook statuses and often also comment.
  13. I frequent local businesses and gratefully spend the money my husband makes.
  14. I laugh at people’s jokes.
  15. I am a regular patron at the local library.
  16. I admit my weaknesses.
  17. I try not to enable people.
  18. When other people are stupid, I try really hard to remember that I am often stupid too.
  19. I eat fruits and vegetables.
  20. I don’t live at the local bar.

If you have a problem with any of these things, I really really really hope it’s not 11 or 20, but even if you pick your nose and eat it while living at the local bar, I bet you are still a good person in at least 17 other ways.  If you never leave the bar I can only give you 17 out of 20 because you probably aren’t very good at opening doors for people. The good news, however, is that you get extra credit for number 13 – frequenting local businesses.

Congratulations on being a good person. I am so glad that I know you.

Can you think of any other simple reasons why you are a good person?
Please do share.
By the end of the day,
we will all be feeling like this world can’t possibly survive without us.

The world needs all of us good people more then it wants to admit.

Positivity: pass it on. It will change the way you see everything.



  1. Alice, great post as usual. May I please suggest a few more…
    -If you use the last of the toilet paper, replace it.
    -Express gratitude to God every day for the little things he does for you.
    -Pick up one piece of litter every time you are in a park
    -When you see someone picking his nose at a stop light pretend you don’t notice
    -If someone honks their horn at you in traffic and flips you the bird, resist the urge to flip it back and just smile and mouth the words “I’m sorry!”
    -Be generous with the words I love you to your family.
    -And to be a good person the WWJD is a good frame of reference
    BTW…I have decided to lose weight one pound at a time. I walk every day now 45 minutes dividing it between 10 minutes brisk walk and 2 minutes slow jog. Already feeling better. It takes me about that long to do 2 miles. Just tired of feeling embsrrassed.

    1. Proud of you Rick!!! Just infuse yourself with self-love every day..it will change everything. I love your suggestions. I always pick up litter. I told you I was a good person. 🙂

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