Finding my passion

peaceI’ve wondered many times over the years about my passion. What is it? How would I know it? What is my mission in this life? It seems the older I have become the more I wanted the answer. The clock was ticking away. One great thing about listening to God is that He has all the answers. When He told me to quit my job and be home more, He knew that I would have a need to seek more solace in my life. Raising children is a hard job and is often a loud job. My overly active sensors and sanity require me to escape.

Sidestory: One time I went and had my hearing checked as I’ve worried about it not being so great. The ear doctor told me that I showed signs of loss that are typical for someone engaged in a loud profession. Do you work around machinery? In a dance club? I answered, “No I have the loudest profession known to mankind: I’m a mother.”

So, I have sought out more solace and peace in my life. I am ever so intently seeking answers for where He is directing me.

Last week, while eating an orange, biking on the trail, listening to a book on tape, stopping to photograph God’s gorgeous earth, thinking about a quote I had read that would be framed so perfectly by the photo I was taking, and outlining a future blog post, I realized I had found my passions….all rolled up in to one neat package.

I felt so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude as God was answering my prayer of a decade, “What is my passion?”

I love reading. I love nature. I love exercise. I love photography. I love solace. I love words. I love truth. I love knowledge. I love honesty. I love mental health. I love sharing words and truth. I love writing. I love people.  I love me. I love God. And I also love a perfect juicy orange.

It wasn’t until I took the hard journey towards peace (quitting my job, giving up crutches, going to therapy, taking time for it) that I was able to get in touch with my passions. I’ve always known they were there and I realized I had hobbies, but at that moment I finally realized the depth of those things in regards to my soul’s happiness. God had driven me to a place here I couldn’t have gone by myself. He helped me start this blog and guided me towards the things that would bring me joy.

If you are wondering where your passions lie, I highly recommend you read this article. Thanks for being here with me where all my passions intersect. I can honestly say  that my blog 1-puts a smile on my face, 2- is easy, 3- sparks my creativity, 4- is worth doing for free, 5 – is where I write what I love to talk about , 6- is where I am not afraid to fail, and mostly, 7 – is where I would regret if I did not try. Having a passion is great, but knowing what that passion is and living it with purpose is way better than I expected.