It should be fun…

…but for me, it isn’t!
Really, I know, none of you will get it.
Remember, I am not your typical housewife.
I would rather pay someone to do the decorating.
I just want to love the man.
His office could be a semi-truck for all I care.
If it was, I could join him, and maybe go new places.
I hope this office will take me somewhere someday.
Somewhere other than a furniture or craft store.
And, I hope it will make him enough money to leave the next office
in the hands of a truly crafted designer.

I do admit, I did enjoy putting my photos in frames.
It may have been worth the other twenty hours of torture.
Feel free to leave your feedback.
As long as you are willing to come and make the change.
Our friends went by to see LG’s office today.
I just asked him what their favorite part was.
He said it was the bathroom.
Go figure…I knew that all that work was pointless.
He should start meeting people in the tub.
Do you think that would be in line with the ethics code?


  1. I am so like you. I don’t like to decorate, well maybe I would… but in my family Tony does it all from carpet to wall hangings… but that’s oK with me.toodles, Sheila

  2. You did a great job, Alice! I think the bathroom is in a league of it’s own time and era. Don’t compare yourself to built-in design as opposed to home decor. I love his office! Wish I could come see it in person!

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